Coco Rose team

Our blossoming little studio in the heart of St Peters’ Village is home to a bouquet of brilliant stylists. Our countryside setting is as much of a pleasure for us to work from as it is for our guests to visit. We’re incredibly proud to work at Coco Rose Hair Studio and the team are always learning and growing so we can provide the very best service to our guests.

Claire Baudains

Studio Owner and Creative Director

Claire always wanted to be a hairdresser for as long as she can remember. Her school time work experience was in a salon and from that moment Claire knew she wanted to run her very own hair studio. Highly qualified, expertly skilled and with the same passion that kick started her journey into hair styling in the first place, it’s pretty clear that Claire was always destined to do what she’s doing. She is Currently off the salon floor and on maternity leave, however will be around to say hello and due back to work in October part time.

Maddie Ruff

Assistant Manager

Maddie’s colour work is her favourite specialist area so far, but she’s also loving the skills she’s being taught and brings her new found skills to the studio with enthusiasm and her own unique style. As well as proving to be quite the budding hairdresser, Maddie won a Young Person’s Award in the Parish, needless to say she is very popular with our clients with her friendly and passionate disposition. Maddie is a joy to have in the studio!

Vicky McAlorum

Senior stylist

Vicky has over 17 years in the industry and has now joined the team at Coco Rose where she has previously rented a chair. She is a valued member of the team her kindness and caring passion shows within her work. We Welcome back new and old clients. She's a fabulous foiler and great with her blow drys. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and dog Reggie. Also letting her hair down on a fun filled night out child free.

Paige Thomas


Paige is a keen hairdresser she loves seeing to her guest to create some amazing hair and developing her skills. When she's not working she spending time with her friends and keeping up with the latest fashion. Paige enjoys her colour work and has just completed her level 3 in hairdressing.

Hannah-francis Mcnaney


Hannah has a huge passion in the industry, knowing the science behind colouring and what it does to your hair makes Hannah a keen hair dresser and she cant wait for you to join her at Coco Rose.

Sunny Bunikyte


Sunny has just joined the Team at Coco Rose where she will be developing her skills in become a hairdresser. She looks forward to meeting you all and to get involved in the world of hairdressing.

Join our budding team

All the tools and tricks in the world doesn’t mean great results. What matters most is the talent. Coco Rose is growing and as such, we’d love to hear from any budding stylists and anyone with abundant experience. Drop us a line or upload your CV today.